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Parent Portal Instructions

Parent Portal Instructions:
Click on the "Parent Portal" sub tab under the "Parents" tab above
1. Click on the "Student Info" tab next to/underneath the "Home" tab
2. Scroll down to "Data Confirmation". You must answer the questions in each section before you can move to the next page. Always click "Confirm and Continue" on the left to advance to the next section. Please review the information carefully, especially in the "Emergency Contacts" section so that we may contact you during the school year.
3. Family Information: Answer both the "Armed Forces" and the "Permanent Residence" questions.
4. Income: How many are in your household, and monthly income.
4. Confirm "Student Information" (you will not be able to make changes here. Instead an email will be sent to your school and you will be contacted by the Office Manager) 
5. Contacts: Please review the information on each contact carefully.
To make changes:  Click the pencil next to the contact's name which will open a small window. make your changes, and click "save" at the bottom.
To add a contact: Click on "+add" at the top right corner. Enter the new contact's information. Click "save" at the bottom.
To delete a contact: Click on the pencil next to the contact's name which will open a small window. Click "delete" at the bottom.
6. Documents: Click on the small box on each document so that the document opens in a new window. Print or save to your computer for your reference. You must sign the "Technology Use" form and return it to your school.
7. Authorizations: Please read each question carefully and click "Allow" or "Deny" for each. Click "Save" at the bottom before clicking "Confirm and Continue" on the left.
8. Final Data Confirmation: Review your data. To go back to any section click on the section on the left hand side and make any changes. Once everything looks good click "Final Data Confirmation". Print the emergency card that comes up, sign, and return to your child's school.