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Promotion Requirements

All 8th graders must meet the following in order to participate in the promotion ceremony and end of year activities:

  • Students who receive fewer than 100 of the 120 possible credits, or fail more than 4 courses, during their 7th and 8th grade years will become ineligible to participate in end of the year activities, including the promotion ceremony.
  • Students must attain no more than 25 demerits in order to participate in promotion ceremony. Additionally, any student who is involved in a suspendable offense MAY lose the privilege of participating in the promotion ceremony.
  • Students must not receive more than 15 demerits in order to participate in end of year 8th grade celebration activities (Gradventure, Awards Ceremony and ASB lunch.)


Promotion from our middle school is an important and exciting milestone. We have enjoyed watching your children grow and will miss them as they exit CMS and the Castaic Union School District.

Eligible students will be issued 4 promotion guest tickets on the morning of promotion, prior to early dismissal.

All persons age 4 and older attending the graduation must have their own ticket.

Promotion will be held  on the CMS athletic field on June 6, 2019  at 5p.m.

In order for eligible students to participate in the promotion ceremony, students must follow these guidelines:

Students must attend all promotion rehearsals

Students must meet all financial obligations (paying for, scheduling payments for, or clearance from principal for) lost or damaged textbooks and library fines

Promotion dress code:  Please remember that regular school dress code rules apply.

For Girls:

Shoes: No "spike" heels, only flats or low wedge heels (for maintenance of athletic field.)

Dresses: No formal wear, Prom dresses or full length gowns. Dress slacks are appropriate.

Shoulders and backs must be covered, no spaghetti straps or strapless dresses.

For Boys:

Pants: No tuxedos. Slacks and dress shirts are appropriate (tie and jacket are optional.)