Year Long Electives

Check Out the Year Long Electives Castaic Middle School Has To Offer:

The word "yearbook" in multi colored lettersIn Yearbook class we create the school's yearbook. Students learn photography and photo editing skills, general computing skills, journalism, and graphic design. We partner with Jostens to use their web based design program to record the year's events with creative flair. This class is a true collaboration of the students, staff and our Jostens consultants to translate the creative vision of the students into a product which we market and sell. Not only do the students increase their technology and design skills, but they learn to manage a business and target their product to their audience. They also learn to be detail oriented and sensitive to ethical issues within journalism. At the end of the year, they get to see the tangible results of their year's work as a bound book. The excitement and pride at that time makes a year's hard work worth it. In order to apply students must submit an application in the spring of the year before they want to join. Students must have a 3.0 grade point average and be strongly motivated and enthusiastic about taking on the challenges of this class.

The letters "ASB" in yellow within a brown circleCastaic Middle School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) is a year-long elective for students dedicated to improving their leadership skills while representing the CMS student body. Throughout the year, members will complete various activities that will require them to be responsible, trustworthy, ambitious, and most importantly, an effective team member. If you are interested in becoming an ASB member, please know that this class is not an easy elective. There will be times you will be required to give up your own time, outside of school, to complete leadership activities. You will also be expected to balance the workload of ASB and your academics, while being held to higher standards and expectations than most students on campus. This class is also a space where you will express your creativity, make an impact on our school, and make lifelong friends. If you believe you are able to represent CMS with courage, creativity, and compassion, then please apply for ASB!" 


 band instrumentsCurrently there are two curricular band classes, one curricular 7th/8th grade choir, and two fundamental guitar classes offered. Music Appreciation is also offered as an enrichment class 5 times throughout the school year. There are approximately 170 students currently enrolled in band, choir, guitar, and music appreciation classes. Through the CMS Music Department, students acquire key life skills including self-confidence, diligence, discipline, perseverance, patience, and teamwork. To learn more about us, click on the link in the right hand column.