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Membership in NJHS signifies academic and personal excellence. Members pledge to be true to the principles for which NJHS stands including scholarhip, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. After attaining a semester grade pint average of 3.5 or higher, students apply for membership for which they will be recognized and honored.



In Yearbook class we create the school's yearbook. Students learn photography and photo editing skills, general computing skills, journalism, and graphic design. We partner with Jostens to use their web based design program to record the year's events with creative flair. This class is a true collabortaion of the students, staff and our Jostens consultants to translate the creative vision of the students into a product which we market and sell. Not only do the students increase their technology and design skills, but they learn to manage a business and target their product to their audience. They also learn to be detail oriented and sensitive to ethical issues within journalism. At the end of the year, they get to see the tangible results of their year's work as a bound book. The excitement and pride at that time makes a year's hard work worth it. In order to apply students must submit an application in the spring of the year before they want to join. Students must have a 3.0 grade point average and be strongly motivated and enthusiastic abou taking on the challenges of this class.


ASB is designed to not only develop leadership skills in students, but to shape those students into moral and ethical leaders on campus. We foster communication, diversity, and equality among the student body. In ASB, students focus on individual and group goal setting and decision making, self-awareness, group processes and facilitation, finance, communication, community building, conflict resolution, and citizenship.